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Sunday, January 19, 2003

...Into the Fire.
Introduced to the parishioners at all the Masses today. Met up with a few familiar faces along the way. As I am slowly settling down within this parish, I am also being impressed upon, especially by those who came up talk with me, that I have come into an exceptional parish. It is one that has all kinds of people and I have to be able to handle all the challenges that may come up. Holy Family has a reputation of being a 'demanding' parish. Still, I do see that there are also some good points and uiqueness of this parish that one can feel consoled about.

Certainly, there is no perfect parish. I'll just have to get use to the pace of life here and work accordingly with what is available, including the people. My first encounter with the crowd here was at Novena yesterday. Doing my first Novena in this parish and also after a break of about two years, I found the congregation for the service rather generous with their participation and acceptance of my sharing. Well, I don't really knwo whether my novena sharing made any sense to them but I am hopeful that I could slowly get their continued participation as I get to know them more and they me.

There have been a lot of meetings and introductions to the various groups and their members the past week that my mind is in a whirl as to their presence and their respective names and roles. I have also been given charge of the RCIA group, so much so, that suddenly, I have an influx of work to look into. I have about 13 names to look into to deal with their marriage cases. All these and I am not even a deacon yet! Can you imagine when I become one?!...

Anyway, it has been a very interesting and challenging journey into Holy Familly so far. Certainly, there will be more exciting things to come. Pray for me that I would still be sane and around in good cheer to meet them all! Peace and joy and God's blessings to all!

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