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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

2002 to 2003
The last day of year 2002! I am standing at the edge of this year before it changes to a new one at 2003...

Undoubtedly an incredible year of eventful happenings that seemed to have found its rather defining and difficult moment at Sept 11. To many that may be the revolving point of all events that may precipitate to a war for 2003 should America decides to invade Iraq. Still as I face the new year (roughly some 16 hours from now) I am hopeful that what human effort cannot accomplish in peace and goodwill, God will somehow show the way. It's telling to see that the signs in the world these days are showing a great surge of evil, hatred and violence like never before. It can be extremely distressing too that one can seem to be helpless in all this as evil takes its toll on the world.

But as St Paul had already said, where evil abounds, grace abounds even more. It only takes a deep faith and trust to see all this. I wonder if the average Catholic on the streetm, at least in Singapore, is able to see beyond this gloom and begin to give praise to God for all the blessings one has received so far. Just to be alive in this era is a miracle itself! My own future promises a diaconate and later the priesthood. Certainly, no guarantee of any sorts that I may make it there. Only the grace of God will see that through, if that is his will. On that note, I wish one and all a blessed year ahead and keep on trusting in God that He will show you what it needs to have an enriching year in the midst of all the gloom around. Perhaps the secret is to start looking for silver linings at every chance given...

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