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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Not That Bad After All...
A week has finished and with only a week to go before I start my written paper, I am already mentally exhausted with all the planning and revision that has been going on all this while. Nonetheless, there is no rest for the weary and I must plod on...

My balcony looks out over the sea front and the scenery aclso includes the beach area that is populated by several hotels, housing flats and shopping centers. Kind of remind me when I was in Gold Coast many years ago. Yesterday evening, I decided to do a little jogging and there were 4 of us. We went down to the beach and on the way back made a little detour through a Chinese 'kampung' area. There we were almost chased by a grumpy goose and a rather fierce dog. Fortunately we managed to survive the walk intact to arrive safely back at the Seminary. The pasar malam along the way enticed us with many different Raya food offerings that made my stomach growl in hunger.

So far, I have managed to settle in rather well here. The guys here are very hospitable and friendly. By now I have managed to know all their names that go with their faces too. I also am among a few fellow Melakans as there are two 1st year seminarians who hail from that town where I came from. Lionel knows my brother and parents, while Raymond stays in Bachang and belongs to the St Theresa parish. Then I managed to bum into an old family friend - Mary Wang. A hearing impaired, she is giving the seminarians here lessons in sign language. I joined them last night for one of their lessons. Signed with her and with the help of Michael, an expert signer of 5 years, caught up with lost times and found out little more of where her dad and siblings are now (her mum passed away several years ago).

All in all, my stay here has been an interesting and fruitful experience. Despite the studies and all, it has never been too hard going and tedious. There is always something fascinating to encounter every day. Pax et bonum!

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