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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Cold and Warmth
It has been raining every evening and into the night since I came to Penang. It was also drizzling when a group of us decided to climb up a hill at the Youth Park. Took us about an hour in all to go up and down with a coffee break at a drinks station near the top. With us was Frs Boudville, Justus, a first year seminarian - Andrew - who was also the driver and us Bacca students comprising of Peter, Stanley, myself and Francis (from Keningau, Sabah). After a hard day's work of cramming the outing was a welcome detour for the day. From the top of the hill we could see a portion of Penang, especially the KOMTAR building.

One of this seminary's interesting makeup is the chapel which is atop a ill behind the students' block and the administration building. An old building that harked back to the original MEP Fathers' days it has stood the age of time and with some repainting and renovation, becomes the old that can stand on its own amongst the new. The windows by the sanctuary and altar open up into the sea nearby and during Mass can be an inspiring scene of calmness and serenity amidst the slow moving clouds above and lapping of the waves below. When the sun peeks into the right window where I usually sit, it is an awe inspiring sight. When one questions when God is coming to visit us, as in the readings this morning, the beginning of the sunrise is a testimony of that presence.

My studies and preparation for the exams are on schedule and we are all just waitinng for the first paper to finish. When the 29th has come and gone, we can rest a little. Depending on which section of the questions come out, we would be able to see which are the rest to remain studying for the oral. What was done for the 29th can be disregarded. Till then, it's all 33 questions to look into and that's no stroll in the park, no matter how smart you study!

Till the next exploits, have a blessed and peaceful day ahead.

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