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Friday, November 29, 2002

Half The Battle Won!
Finally it is over. At least for the written! Two question to choose from and there were the two that I was quite comfortable with. In the end Ecclesiology won the toss. The Scripture professor (also the Rector) was disappointed that only one brave soul attempted the Scripture question. My question I did was from Q.10 of the list of Bacca questions to prepare. After 5 hours of writing, my fingers are now numbed and my mind is going through and brain-lock. The first thing I did after the paper was over and lunch today was to borrow a VCD player and watched 'Reign of Fire'. I also skipped manual labour...

After all that is done, I together with my fellow Bacca students have another 21 questions to look into before our oral on Thursday of next week. Well, at least it is better than the 33 we started off with. Tomorrow Peter, Francis and myself will make a trip to Haadyai to get Peter's passport extended for another two weeks. Leaving at 6 am and will be back by the evening. Along the way, we will be good boys and just do some shopping... I need a wristwatch!

Be good and God Bless!

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