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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

What A World We Live In
Another week just zipped by quickly and I'm now facing another one that is going to be ending as fast as I am typing these letters on this blog.

An interesting note of mentioned from my observances of the goings on in and around the parish, including those I encountered within the Seminary. We are people of 'wanting our rights' that seems to stem from the Western influence of individual freedom and rampant capitalism. That it happens even within the Christian community shows how much we yet to learn. Much of what we do or say seems to depend on how much we want to be in control of situations and to be on top of it all. When someone comes up with the need to question about when before Mass are we allowed to consume food or drinks, the whole idea of intention and one's focus on the faith is gone. For myself, if one is clear about what Mass is all about, this question would be totally irrelevant because one would know how to prepare oneself accordingly for Mass and the reception of Holy Communion.

Holy Spirit and I am sure in many other churches, latecomers are the norm and usual sight. It's quite a consistent phenomenon to note that these latecomers have the knack to know when to 'attend' Mass after the homily is over. Of course, there are many reason and excuses that can be given for this and some are valid items. But there are still too many that are wanting of a decent reply on the current state of affairs of people's faith and life. I guess it is one life's mysteries that can only be answered in the next life. Pity!...

We remember September 11, one year on. Violence doesn't seem to get any lesser. Now we hear and await the outcome of the war brewing in Iraq. The root causes of this situation are still not looked at. The only people that seemed to have 'benefitted' from all these are those selling and manufacturing weapons that armed those countries concerned. This is 'justice' we speak about...

Suddenly the world seemed a little more darker.

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