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Saturday, September 28, 2002

Identity Crisis...
Finally a blog for Saturday. The start to the mid-term break was great. Never played a great number of games at one go before in my life till that last Tuesday afternoon - football, softball, frisbee. Then there was the 3D-2N stay at the NTUC resort chalet. Now I am dead tired from all those activities and so, a day like today is heavenly to stay back and do practically nothing.

Going through my catechism students' journal entries, I see that they are struggling with the problem of their identity as being children of God. Life in Singapore do not easily give one an opportunity sit down quietly and reflect one's true identity in relation to God. We are all like people living out lives of quiet desperation. For myself, it is clear that even if I never get a life that is absent of evil and the ills of the world, I am still being loved by God as a Father that He is. I have come so far to just drop everything and fall into the life of hopelessness or what I had been before. It is when we truly embrace our identity as a son or daughter of God that we can begin to appreciate ourselves for who we are and then see what we can do with our lives in making that difference in other people's life.

I wonder what God is thinking about in all this?...

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