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Sunday, July 07, 2002

A Thought On a Hot Afternoon
It's blazing hot outside! The La Salle Brothers are doing their recollection here over at Block C and the air-con doesn't seem to be working. And it the midst of this hot weather, in a few hours time I shall be install as an Acolyte. That sort of closes a chapter of one life as I continue on to another. As it gets closer to my diaconate, I'm continually getting mixed feelings about all this. It's not the regret or the uncertainty of going through and accepting this lifestyle but its significance and the danger of taking all this for granted.

It would also mean a change of pace and a greater responsibility for the ministry that it entails. Most of the time we seminarians are, more or less, sheltered from the harsh realities of parish life. There are some brothers who seemed oblivious to all the undercurrents that are taking place unbeknownst to them. Some are gung-ho in their approach to parish life putting up a brave front as if they are able to withstand all this. Well, the measure of their sincerity to their ministry to the parish and people later would be borned out by their level of faith, zeal and relationship with the Lord. It would be very interesting to see how much we really take all this to heart and live them out according to our proper vocation in life. That's why though my installations may be a minor affairs, they still speak volumes to me about my responsibilities and where I am currently heading. It's a 'glorious' life. But one not without its trials and tribulations...

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