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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

The Final Word
A tiring weekend just flew by and I am now feeling the side-effects. All it took was a night with the the choir group at one of their members' house for BBQ. The food was great and the two glasses of red wine which they generously offered to me was a little on the 'high' side of things for me.
Nonetheless the company was good and made some more new parishioner friends.

My whole body this week is screaming out in protest now and I am feeling lethargic and my eyes get especially sleepy come the afternoon. Not sleepy enough to write down this piece on the web, though....

The witchhunt mentioned in the previous entry seems to have gotten hotter. Now there's no let up in the American media and some dissident Catholics who are shouting for a change in running of the hierarchy within the Church. The problem with these people, who are shouting, is that they seem more misguided and muddled with what they are trying to present. It seems pretty clear to me that they have a hidden agenda that do not address the issues at hand but their own interests. 'Paeadophilia' is their club they are using to get the Church to change the stand of many of its moral stands and especially on celibacy and marriage of priests. All said, I think the Church will come out stronger form this and it will not be the people who will have the fianl say. Perhaps, not even the Church. Only God will leave the final print. His Word will be the final outcome.

Peace and Joy!

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