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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Just Before Holy Week
The fifth week of Lent is upon us. Next week is Holy Week and the Easter Triduum. The Seminary will also be on a week's break for the Annual Retreat. So, for the whole of next week, I shall be lost to the world and only be resurrected on Easter Sunday. Between now and then, I'm trying ot finish my Church History assignment, start doing something for my Bacca questions, practise my Exultet for the Easter vigil, finalised the caption for the vocation poster to be put in the Catholic News and... *sigh*... I thought this semester was going to be a breeze!

The Initiation Year students have gotten quite use to their seminary life already. Francis jogs with our 40-year old seminarian who makes a point to show he still has it in him even at that age and Bao Khan (Peter) started to join in the basketball players and gotten a few points in the basket, too. He has also expressed interest in picking up squash. Seminary food sat rather well in their stomachs too.

After many weeks of sunny and dry weather, it rained today! Even the seminary grounds seemed to heave a sigh of great relief to have the rain waters soaking the already dry earth. Of our two fruit trees nearby, one has shed its leaf to the point of being leafless and another has all its leaves turning brown. A pathetic sight indeed! Tomorrow is another day and here's hoping for a peaceful and manageable one.

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