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Friday, February 15, 2002

Ashes and the Lenten-New Year
Chinese New Year celebrations has more or less trickled away and Lent is upon us. The year of the horse begins with a rather toned down fashion. Its vitality and speed cut short due to prayer, almsgiving and fasting...

'Tis the time of fasting and a subdued lifestyle. Things tend to slow down a little during this period. The noise level drops by half and we seem to be moving in slo-mo... But the wheels of time continues and night becomes day and we count down to Easter. For now there are about 40 days of fasting and recollecting to do. By the end of it all, some change of our lifestyle is asked of us. To what extend we change for the better is anyone's guess. All I am asking is that I am still around to see another day!

The weekend is upon us and we begin another round of Weekend of Silence. This will last till Saturday lunch. It begins tonight at 9pm.

Lunch today was very simple - porridge with tau-geh and fish ball (fried). Food never tasted that good until one is deprived of their presence in abundance! My high metabolism rate never allowed me to really do off food for a long while. So, it's the normal recommended fast by the Church - two half and one full. Anybody out there have any fasting tales to tell me?....

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