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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

The Last One For 2001
I thought I'd better post this last blog before the year ends.

It has been a mixed up year of sorts. Too many deaths abound and the outlook seems bleak. Depending on which side of the fence you are on the year could either be a godsend or a harrowing one that would best be forgotten. As I look back at all that has happened around me, I can't help but feel a little encouraged by the instances of hope that creeps in, in the midst of the gloom and horrors of destruction. Singapore may be a small dot on the map but it has never been unaffected by all that has gone round the world. People get retrenched, people whom I am acquainted with die unexpectedly, some are stricken with some form of illness and many are wondering what will be next...

Yet in all this, the human spirit borne up by the Spirit of God did not allow such gloom to pull us all down the valley of darkness. I survived the year and so did many others who managed to pull through their respective difficulties. Life is worth the living and more so if all can see the goal that they are striving towards. I begin my final year towards the priesthood as 2002 comes in. Iggy, Joe Mi and Brian begin their diaconate now that they are full-fledged deacons (ordination was on 17th Dec). The priests reshuffling in my archdiocese will hopefully see a new and exciting beginning of appropriate changes within the parish and the congregration.

2001 may have been a rollercoaster year of extremes. Hopefully 2002 would be one of consolidation and a peaceful reflection of what could be done to soothe the wounds and to ask for healing and forgiveness....

Merry Christmas and peace to one and all!

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