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Thursday, November 15, 2001

Al Ong and the Writer's Tome
After a long pause, I think it's time now for some updates and the rest of my life.

Just finished my last assignment and after today I am going to have to hit the books for the coming exams. But looking back at the past few weeks since the last entry, one can't help to be amaze at the amount of happenings that took place! Call it bad karma, horrible luck or whatever but they were certainly quite distressing.

Another plane crash in NY that had a subtle ring of terrorism and many more loss of innocent lives. Close to the seminary we had also the recent demise of Kenny's father from his long battle of cancer. We just had a funeral and his cremation today. The seminarians sang at the funeral mass. Fr Augustine Tay was the celebrant. He was assisted by Fr William Goh (acting Rector) and Fr Francis Lau.

Another sad piece of event is the sudden, albeit, mild stroke of Fr Alfred Chan. He was found sprawling outside his room Sunday afternoon in a semi-conscious state. He was immediately sent to Mt Alvernia and is now in a stabalised condition. However, he is paralysed on his right side. Went to see him last Wed. He is conscious but still rather weak. I can see that he is slowly trying to accept his condition and it has been a rather difficult situation. Some say that he may be depressed with what has happened to himself. Maybe, but he's a strong character that usually do not let difficulties like this bother him too much. Nonetheless, the seminary and all here are praying for his speedy recovery. One thing is for sure, he would be teaching or spiritual directing in the Seminary for a while to come....*sigh*

Moving along to a little more brighter setting, my article to Waypoint on my 'life story' finally saw the light of day in the Nov issue. I still need to sent in my 2nd and 3rd installment though. The 2nd is due 18th Nov. So, that's another burden for my thinking cap to work on.

Saw the trailer of 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'. Cool movie and it is certainly a tantalising avenue for taking wizardry and magic to higher level novelty among teh children. On that account, I really don't know if this altogether a good thing for the kids though. The movie may, sort of, legitimise the already dubious item we call magic (witchcraft, too) and other stuff that are already a dime and a dozen in the movie industry and the New Age ones too. To coin a famous phrase from a long distance traveler: "Shazbot!".

Me, I'll stick to the good 'ol Force and the trusty lightsaber. Life is a little simpler with them around...

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