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Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Rosary Month
October is onto us!

Last Sunday the seminarians celebrated in a small way the Mid-Autumn Festival. Had mooncakes galore and first-grade tea. There was pipa, gu zheng and other traditional Chinese instruments that played music - from a CD - that gave the occasion a 'right' feel to that night. Fr Luke joined in from St Anne's. Besides charades we played the traditional game of riddles that usually accompanied this festival. The riddles came from all over the Asian countries that we had a fine time answering and guessing the answers. The moon was hidden by the clouds that night as it was a rainy day. So, both the rabbit and the princess of the moon (depending on which myth you follow) were conspicuously missing.

As the date for the Archbishop's ordination gets closer, I'm getting more pressured to remember the Ordination sequence as I am one of the main servers that day. Had several practices already but it is still quite a confusing piece of work to get use to. Anyway, I'm sure I'll somehow ace through it. I don't know why but the thought of removing the Nuncio's mitre along with messing his hair and pulling way his skullcap plays very disturbingly on my mind...

Finishing my Scripture assignment. Yay! Coming up, assignment from Catechetics. Aargh! Also need to finish an article for Al Dizon for his magazine Waypoint. Mercy!

Through all this I reckon I have had a rather full week and with no let up from work and assignments till the semester ends. Perhaps Jim Rohn has something here to say about all this:
Life is part positive and part negative. Suppose you went to hear a symphony orchestra and all they played were the little happy high notes. Would you leave soon? Let me hear the rumble of the bass, the crash of the cymbals and the minor keys.

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