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Monday, September 03, 2001

Saw an old friend's pic in the papers today. Siew Mei have come up the world since the last time I saw her. Now she is a successful writer and having a wonderful time somewhere in the US of A (or is that Ozzie land?). Anyway, glad to see that she made something out of her life and enjoying it too. Sometimes we are too pessimistic with all that we do and seeing the end of the world at the turn of every corner.

The Seminary here is one place where one CAN get pessimistic too easily. It's scary to note that a person can come in here full of enthusiasm and zeal only to loss much shine after 6 months to a year after staying in and soaking all the vibes and lifestyle here. Good? Bad? Who knows? Perhaps it is way to test one's commitment. Perhaps we are doing all wrong and don't want to admit it. All I know is that I've survived 7 years of this unique formation that defies any proper description. You get all kinds of characters here, myself included.

Meanwhile, a new day begins tomorrow. Another day ends and Christmas is only 3 months away!

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