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Saturday, September 01, 2001

Bit Here, Bit There...
After so many days of lying low, the blog continues.

The week had been pretty slow and uneventful. The only highlight that made our adrenaline ran was the basketball match for the Ironman Series. My team lost by 4 points. We were so close... We are still hanging on to our slim lead of 2 games to one out of the total of 11.

Decided to upgrade my PC. So, did up an AMD machine at 1GHz with the necessary items to make it up to par, a little, with the latest machines (and fastest) in town.

Today was Weekend of Silence. Needed the day's quiet time to consolidate my life that has been passing by rather fast the past week. 'Tis now September! Soon I'll be looking at my final year. I have travelled so far in life! I'm up for my assessment on the 12th of this month. Hope it would be fine. These things tend to bring out the unexpected. Anyway, I try to keep my head firmly on my shoulders and let the Lord do the rest.

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