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Saturday, August 11, 2001

The Mission
It rained again this morning.

Captured my mood of reflection and deep thinking about where I am now and what I've been doing all these while. Had a session with the Catechist Core team and sound them my concerns about the situation there and why they need to relook their roles and functions in the light of mission and evangelization. Being to inward looking isn't the best of their interest these days as they will eventually dry up and collapse when the parish begins to grow in a year or two from now.

This Sunday is my session with the RCIA coordinators and sponsors. They too are very laid back and seem not to be enthusiastic about their ministry. I wonder if they even know what they are supposed to be capable of in the truest sense of being in the RCIA ministry.

With my thots running all over the place with the people of St Anne's and my own life and happenings in the Seminary, it's a wonder I still manage to keep myself sane. The grace of God simply is overwhelming!

Met a familiar group doing their retreat in the Seminary this weekend - Holy Cross' RCIA group (Fr Stephen Yim). Lucy, Sean, Susan and the gang were preparing the classrooms for the retreat that begins in the afternoon. Around too is the Formators/Formandees Day of Prayer led by Fr Glenn de Cruz. Very happening this weekend!

Lastly, came across this site. Very Zen! Have a pleasant day...

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