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Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Assumption and the Fallen
Feeling a little down lately. Couldn't find any words or thoughts to blog onto the spot here. Just a little bit of drifting again and feeling no particular sense of being there at all. Just being neutral....

Being the Feast of the Assumption, it's also Fr Bernard's priestly anniversary. Had a high mass in the morning and later in the evening, solemn vespers. The chapel was full of incense smoke after that. Almost choked and was coughing somewhat.

Tomorrow begins the Iron Man games series. Put up a new web page to cover the event. Hope to get some interesting pictures and the stories to go with them.

Came across two interesting articles:
a. that Singaporeans are not paying enough attention to or noticing one another. The tendency to ignore the presence as though one never existed. Out of politeness or shyness, we don't really know (so writes A Latif from ST, this week).

b. that spouses do not care to be more sharing with one another. One hides his prize winnings from his wife fearing she might spend it and in another case, a woman doesn't let her husband in the know that she goes pub crawling with her girl-friends and readily accepts drinks and invites from male patrons there too. She essentially said that what he doesn't know won't hurt him... (as reported in Today, forgotten the date, but it was this week)

For (a), I think, if we push the envelop of fantasy far enough on this sad reality we may be reading about ourselves straight off from the Gaiman novel - Neverwhere, or thereabouts. As for (b), well I guess that's the tradeoff we have to bear with, when we climb so far up the ladder of success, consumerism and individualism. I, me, myself...tsk, tsk!

Have we fallen so low?...

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