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Monday, July 02, 2001

Thots for the Day...
Hello world! Survived the weekend and the seminar. Apart from the revelation that I was a female, once upon a time, I am also an accident of nature. Why do you think the births of boys are celebrated with more fanfare than girls in many societies. 'Tis a Russian Roulette!

The seminarians made their annual semester visit to the now Archbishop Emeritus Gregory Yong's house at the Cathedral. We thought it was the usual conversation and chit-chat but ended up in assisting him to pack his things and clearing some rubbish, as he prepares to go to stay in the SFX Retreat Center sometime next week. What a day! But really, it wasn't too bad. We ended up with lunch at Long Jiang in Crown Prince with the 'ang pow' from the Archbishop Emeritus.

On the eve of the seminary's outing to Kuching, a thot: ALL of us in the same flight. If anything happens to us either way, the archdiocese will have to go on a super vocation recruitment...pray we all get back in one piece!

On a more brighter side, since I shall be away for a while, you don't need to be bothered by my meanderings here for a few days. When I'm back on Fri 6th the Crosses continues...Till then, be good and smile at the person nearest you!

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