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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It had been some weeks of minor turmoil for myself as I had to deal with death, 'abundant life' and my coping with these two rather conflicting items that occasionally want to grab my attention.

So, I thought I would just get away a bit and give myself a treat away from the pressures of conflict and headed towards the Bay to soak in the flora and fauna of the Gardens. The trip was refreshing and managed to heal some parts of my humanity and, at the same time, got to use my Gardens Annual Pass (individual).

Super Trees and OCBC Sky Way
The displays and flow of plants, trees, flowers including the panoramic sites that are available there were soothing and quietening elements that gently cleansed whatever that was the tsunami of emotions inside of me.

What I couldn't express properly for healing, the Gardens there helped put things in perspective, in its own unique manner. Whether death or life, it is important to understand how precious life really is and there is no effective value that can be placed upon a life that is lived out well in God.

Life as we encounter it may not be perfect but it has to be seen as one that is unique and sustained by God, no matter how messy it may be. Because it is sustained by God, all troubles will certainly see its day and will soon pass - those, too, will soon pass.

(more pics here)

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Laura said...

Dear Fr Aloy,

Yes, plants and its subtle complexity and beauty has a humbling and soothing effect for me too. Afterall, plants are the first life-form God chose to create; before all other life forms - to sustain all His creation. =)

Take care Fr, glad the plants cheered you up.

God be with you always.


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