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Monday, August 06, 2012

To Infinity!....

At around 1.00 p.m. this Monday (August, 6th) afternoon, the latest NASA Mars vehicle, Curiosity, landed on the surface of that planet in a rather complicated maneuver that is akin to "flying through an eye of the needle" and touching down onto the spot directed like a golfing hole-in-one!  A remarkable feat indeed! It is a feat that not even an accomplished gold medalist Olympian can achieve.

Something like this within the realm of science certainly ought to be celebrated and our faith has a few things to say about it, too. This can be nicely summed up by Vatican Observatory's own astronomer, Br Guy Consolmagno who can help frame our perspective of faith and science in a balance manner that says and shows how our faith can take us beyond Earth. One can say, it is towards infinity!....

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Laura said...

Dearest Fr Aloy,

Thanks for introducing Br Guy Consoimagno. After watching the youtubes, (Yes, all three :).)the scientist in me is going "ballistic"- blew my mind. haha. Need to take time to slowly reflect on his lecture.

Through my schooling years in the science realm, I had small mindedly thought(in fact, thoroughly microscopic) that religion is not rational and vice-versa and the two does not mix. And had spent years, struggling to fully embrace God who seems to oppose to rational logical thinking.

It is so heartening to know, both can be met on the platform of truth. And especially the inspiring fact that there are so many research scientists in the elite realm who "got it" together.
As Br Guy so aptly put it - fellow souls ( whose presence is a surprise to each other.)

PS: I could not help "smiling" at his description of engineers... haha... any truth in his description? ;p


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