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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Looking Ahead!

Easter Vigil - the fireImage by Dean Ayres via FlickrHappy Easter everyone!

There is something about this day that can inspire anyone to make a fresh start in life or to just do something different from any other day.

Perhaps it is the result of having to undergo some soul searching during the forty days of Lent and the coming out of that sombreness to a celebratory mood. Last night's Easter Vigil over at IHM with Frs Stephen and Stanislaus, whom I have the pleasure of concelebrating with, was certainly filled with that mood of joy, peace and happiness, inclusive of the long readings, baptism, confirmation and, of course, the Eucharist.

It was encouraging to note that Fr Stephen, as acting parish priest, is making good connection with the parishioners whom he is currently pastoring and this will go a long way towards the healing and restoration of a community earlier divided by controversies and misunderstandings. Using the theme of death as a jumping-off point for his homily, while it may be perceived as somewhat odd, had its poignancy of leading the congregation, many of whom are parishioners of IHM, from the days of hurt and darkness towards the radiant grace of healing and forgiveness. It now falls upon the IHM community to pick up the pieces and to walk again and not look back but towards a new horizon of rebuilding and mending of hearts with greater confidence in the Lord that he will provide.

As for myself, well, let's just say I have done my part and for better or for worse, it is quite comforting to know that there is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow and the fact that He has risen made all that difference.

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Playful Elena said...

My Dear Fr Aloy,

Happy Easter Day!! May you continue to lead your life with refreshed hope in Christ!

With Love ,

Joanne W said...

Happy Easter Father! Glad to know the Easter joy is all over the world! :)
God Bless!


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