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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Weeks That Passed By...

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I thought that being in the Seminary may help in bringing more opportunities to blog but since I am here, it has been much more difficult to put down my thoughts or experiences in a more frequent manner as I would like it to be.

So, I managed to let the Easter season to go by without even making a squeek and the same can be said regarding Mother's Day (happy belated Mother's Day, mummy and all moms out there!) ... That's not mentioning also some world events (Osama) and our nation's recent election which saw several ministers having to vacate their seats in parliment as well as their posts.

The past two weeks or so certainly had been full of excitement and exceptional activities that have captured and captivated many! I know for once that I had managed to allow myself to be engrossed by the elections and stayed up late till 3+am to get the final results and fate of the country's government that will lead us into the next 5 years.

That was went I was spending the weekend over at the Church of Divine Mercy (Pasir Ris) for my preaching there. Nice and quiet parish and the crowd is manageable with quite a few whom I know had come from other parishes like St Bernadette, IHM and Holy Family! I was just as surprised to see some of them there as much as they were surprised to see me celebrating/preaching the masses there that weekend. Looks like our parishioners are very mobile with the churchgoing. Of course, there are those who are there because over time they have shifted over to Pasir Ris and now more convenient to worship at Divine Mercy. There are others who have been living within the Pasir Ris area all this while but were going to other parishes in the East as Divine Mercy wasn't around then - until now. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise to meet up with those familiar faces over at the the eastern far end of Singapore.

Meantime, as the dust settles after the election and the week ahead looms, life carries on and I still have my whole string of work and responsibilities to look into. I have a coaster that is on my desk that drums a sarcastic tune of "My job is safe, no one wants it"....

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