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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Muddling Along...

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It has been rather difficult lately to put up entries here on a more regular basis. Most of the time, it has got to do with the availability of time and the mood to do it, which has been rather erratic thus far. Most of the time and effort have been diverted toward managing and balancing the activities of the ministries within this parish that I am currently attached to and the teaching stint at the Seminary.

With the recent changes in the parish and awaiting for the new parish priest to begin his new posting from 1st October onwards, there have been much positioning and movement in some of the ministries as they await expectantly for whatever that may transpire with this change. I, myself,am in this transition period as I await to take over whatever responsibilities that will fall upon me as I take over the office of Fr Luke as he makes his way to his new parish at Star of the Sea.

In this kind of situation, it can be very unsettling when one cannot do much and feeling a little lost, in this midst of change. I still have much of my stuff (important) kept elsewhere and unable to unpack fully yet. I expect to do somehting about that after 1st October. Till then, I have to still muddle along....

While muddling along, I am expected to already be equipped with the skills to do retreats for some ministries and groups, in the parish and outside, who have approached me for a piece of my knowledge and sharing - knowledge and sharing, of  which I am still in the raw and learning through myself! It is the label that I carry of having being a product of Rome, of someone who has been through some great studies experience and can now impart the knowledge to others. It's not too bad a label to be stuck with but I don't believe it should be looked upon as one to be greatly fawned over.

Still, the parish do need a more directed sense of way to move, in the changes that are happening, and it will be their priests who ought to provide some semblance of stability and vision for all concerned, so that the parish can move and grow into a Spirit-filled and vibrant community. It is not an impossible task but a challenging one nonetheless.

On that note, I must say that I am not feeling that overwhelmed at all since my return to parish life, to all the activities associated with it, but rather am happy and satisfied, in a low-key way, as to the manner my new life in my ministry at IHM has unfolded thus far.
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Young Minstrel said...

"but rather am happy and satisfied, in a low-key way.."

yep, that's U alrite X3

starting to cough lah, there's also my coughing i got lor XD

Anonymous said...

hi fr. aloy,

actually, honestly speaking, Fr. Luke transfer within 2 1/2 years does not go down with me.. I do not know the intention of the bishop..

I personally would like Fr luke or any other priest (no medical problems) to stay at least 3 years in the parish.. Reason being building up the ministries. pastoral work.. among other things.. This takes time to develop.

I won't be surprised if Fr Luke will be transferring again.. after 2 yrs in OLSS.. let's where he goes.. any guess?? my guess will be St teresa church in 2011


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