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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Rose by Any Other Name...

Representation of baptism in early Christian art.Image via Wikipedia
I had finished one session for the RCIA (Rite of Chriatian Initiation for Adults) this evening under the topic of Baptism. This follows from previous session by Fr Luke who talked about Sacraments in general. From this point on we will cover in greater detail the seven sacraments of the Church, namely baptism, confirmation, communion, holy orders, matrimony, reconciliation and anointing of the sick.

My contribution this evening was the sacrament that opens all other sacraments and start the person onto a new life of Christ and engaging the world and society as a witness of God's love in a world that is increasingly getting allergic to God.

One of the items about baptism concerns the baptismal name and how important it is for a person to choose a proper and meaning one to represent the change to new life and how the person is now before God and the community of believers. It then got me thinking, later, about my own name and how people in the parish I am now at have also been giving me names. I know for a fact that I am Aloysius and my surname is Ong. It doesn't matter how you pronounced it - as A - loi - shius, or Eh - loo - ee - shius - as long as you stick to one of the pronounciation. Nonetheless, that doesn't stopped the parishioners of this parish to have christened me with some other affectionate names of their own making. So, I am also known as Fr Chiak, Fr Morneeng!, Fr How You, and just this evening, because of somebody's birthday - Fr Cake!

Be that as they may, I am still the same person who continues to strive live out my life accordingly as God has given me - Fr Aloysius Ong Han Kiong!

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Lavinia Tai said...

Whatever names people may call you, these would not change your real self. Keep up your good work, Father.

Lai Wah said...

Hi Aloysius,

You're still the same nice guy with a sense of humour, wherever you go, however people address you and whatever your life's calling.

I still remember Bunker Fax, my first project after graduation under your guidance. Thanks for your patience during those days as I adjusted into my 1st job in my 1st career years ago. I am lucky/blessed to report to you during that interim period. After 17 years, your creative rhyming of the team-mate names for the computer folders still tickles me. E.g. Lisa Pizza, Chin Wan Don't Want.

All the best in your new assignment. Do continue blogging. I enjoy reading your posts, although I hardly comment.

Unknown said...

@lavinia: thanks! :-)

@lai wah: hahaha! I forgot those folders you mentioned. it was more becos of way to relieve stress :-D


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