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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Too Short!

This is my last entry during my stay here with my family in Puchong. All good things have to come to an end. *sigh* I really don't feel like going back yet! It has been rather fun connecting with my nephews, siblings and parents after about a year away from them.

Heading back tomorrow on the same bus company I came down with about a week ago. It's RM70.00 from here to Singapore.

As for making a beeline for Berjaya Times Square, that's where the family went this morning and didn't get back till around 4 p.m. Had such fun with the rides there! Almost broke my back and swallowed my heart with that Sonic Rollercoaster and Oort Galaxy ride. Yes, you can say I went through my second round of childhood again! But, who cares! Life's short and them rides really were out of this world! Worth the RM25.00 per person for that 3 floors of arcade, rides and fun, fun, fun!

Now, why can't we have something like this in Singapore? I have yet to see any mall to provide such entertaiment. Are we that uptight that we can't be willing to give ourselves this kind of enjoyment in our own backyard, one in a while? Must we need a casino or an intergrated entertainment establishment to bring this simple idea about? I think we must be extremely boring people to have to work out this scheme in this manner after so long...

Well, boring or not, my holidays are ending soon and partings are such sweet sorrows. Once I get back to my parish, it's work I will be facing and responsibilities to carry up again. It was good and very relaxing while it lasted. Will miss my family as I won't be seeing them again till sometime next year. An addition was done to the family as my sister had another baby boy - Christopher. He was baptised in the Church of the Holy Family, Kajang, which I attended and later celebrated Mass there, compliments of Fr Julian.

So, the next time I head for a hols in Malaysia, I know now where I will be heading!

(Baptism at Holy Family, Kajang: from left
-me, dad,
Augustine my brother, mum, Angela and
Christopher, Nicky - Angela's husband.
Zachary and cousin Jeremy at bottom)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hii Fr Aloy :-) Have a good break didn`t you?hehe...look at the pic, i think u take after your mother ya haha...but anyway welcome back Father!!! ;-)


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