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Friday, August 19, 2005

No Complaints!

You don't know what idleness is and what enjoyment you can get out of it until you really engage in it. That's what my break is really all about. My friend would call it decadence and debauchery. Whatever you want to term that, I have only three words to say - I don't care!

I am enjoying myself somewhat to want to bandy semantics over such trivial matters. What is not trivial, though, is this place which I have been planning to go since I arrived here - KL Times Square! I'm no baby or someone in the throes of his second childhood, but if you are here in KL, that is the place one should at least visit once! Still, that's second of importance only after my nephews. *laffs*

Zachary, my nephew)
While here, I have already devoured about 6 to 7 DVDs and 'wasted' time with my nephew, Zachary, teaching him how to 'fly' and sacrificing my limbs as launching pads for his 'flights of fancy'. Thank goodness his younger brother, Timothy, is more sober and has his feet more firmly on the ground. But he is a little on the shy side. However, I think he'll make a good linguist later on in his life - he speaks goobledegook....

Anyway, I am enjoying my sojourn away from the pressures of parish work, so I ain't complaining. Have a good weekend people and keep smiling. I know I will! :)
(Timothy, his brother)


*s*haron said...

Omigooness Fr Anoy! You mean you're in your third or fourth childhood already???


*s*haron said...

Opps! Sorry for the typo abv. :P

Jude Gal said...

"I don't care" = Bochap right? Wait Wait........the WEEKEND will passby very fast and u come back and have to "Chap" again.

Fr Anoy - who's tat??? it's Fr ANOYSIUS, a priest who gets ANOYED easily muz be lah.........

Anonymous said...

Is that Little Fr Anoy? Zachary looks so much like you plus specs

Anonymous said...

i think zachary looks much more cuter than fr anoy

Jigsawsg said...

Welcome back Fr Aloy,

Glad to have you back although I know you could have done with a week more of TLC in Puchong. The good news is, one appreciates hols even more when it is not too long. Good things come in small packages/short spates/mini bites etc.
I guess we just need to take each day at a time, hang in there matie!

God loves you, and all the rest of us too.


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