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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blading Spirituality

The best time to go blading is in the night. When the sun goes down the horizon, the breeze begins to pick up and the road is clear of the usual crowd of cyclists, joggers and other irritating pedestrians (they all seem to think that the whole road belongs to their grandfathers!), it is the time to slip on those blading shoes and zip down the stretch of the ECP by the beach from Fort Road to Bedok Jetty and back.

The trip usually takes about an hour and a half. Along the way, my trusty Zire 72se will belt out the entire mp3 collection which I collated over the years and for most of the journey it was like flying without wings! The need for speed is always a temptation to go fast - exceedingly fast since there are lesser obstacles on the road except perhaps for the debris that are spewed along the stretch now and then.

If the night is clear you could get the moon and st christopher to guide you to your destination and back but no matter what, nothing beats this experience of having an adrenaline rush of wondering what's just around the corner. The highlight is usually the stop/rest point at the Bedok jetty where there are amateur fishermen who are trying their skill at catching fish by nets, rods or simple hook, line sinker style. Couples can be seen sitting by the benches snuggling up to one another whispering don't dream it's over and love, thy will be done into each others' ears.

As I finally decide to prepare to get the tired legs and body to start the last stretch home towards the Marine Parade underpass, the slower and sentimental strains of Carly Simon (Never Been Gone) and the upbeat Remy Zero's Save Me helped to keep me company as I pick up the momentum again after that interval by the jetty. The poignant Superman song (Five for Fighting) from the Smallville TV series served as a moment for reflecting with slower and longer glides along the road.

When I slipped off the blades from my feet and walked home from the underpass, I can't help but felt that having any dreams or belief, even like one so close to the faith about believing in angels, is more than words could put together properly. Perhaps the closest word to use may be Hallelujah!

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