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Friday, August 05, 2005

Afternoon Delights

A walk down the streets of Katong during the lunch hour can bring up several interesting spots that you wonder if these establishments really meant what they offer.

Take this for instance. Anyone with a little bit of brain matter would know what offerings this kind of establishment would provide. Its activities all go in the name of enhancing once's health and libido. It may also bring about the case for flawless and smooth skin like a baby's bottom. But body scraps?!... You can begin to wonder what they really do with all those 'scraps' they collected or discarded from their treatments, etc.

Perhaps, they may make better 'fodder' for this establishment that seems to deal with those elements that people whisper about under their breath and with knowing looks that belie their primal fear of the dark and the unknown.

This was found beside other more usual shops that sell food and computer equipment under the big Katong Shopping Centre. There the office workers, food gawkers and migrant workers all mingle for their bodily sustenance during lunch hour and for this 'buster' to be there in their midst of normality is a sight to behold!

Now we know why this is uniquely Singapore!


Anonymous said...

By the way, Happy Feast of Hungry Ghosts starts today.

Young Minstrel said...

watch where we step, tell foreign friends about it too

Anonymous said...

visual treat, father!

Anonymous said...

Watch 'The Maid'. Yes you get a lot of Youths watching maybe to uncles and aunties do not watch such movies now. most screenings late into the night. I saw yesterday evening sneak preview. Youths are screaming in the cinema for the sake of screaming they are not scared at all. and then all start laughing.


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