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Monday, September 02, 2013


It was a little cloudy as I set out on my bike towards Yishun along the new Seletar Link from Punggol. I wanted to get to check out the route for my next bicycling outing since I have already exhausted all other known routes along all the park connectors of Punggol, Sengkang, Buangkok and even right up to the Pasir Ris park, through Lorong Halus.

Hence the bike journey towards the Yishun tidal gates.

Halfway there, it began to drizzle a little and I was wondering whether I should stop and turn back. I then remembered that I had my raincoat with me - all nicely folded up into a small pack and snuggled behind in my jersey pocket. So, onwards I went. Along the way, I had to gingerly and slowly pass through, without disturbing or run through, a sidewalk shrine which had some food offering. I glance by quickly down at the shrine and saw that most of the food consisted of packet snacks of Japanese salted rice cakes.

It was still some way to go before I reached the intersection where turning right led me to the tidal gates and my destination. The drizzle had abated by then and my fears of the rain or downpour faded. There was no need to use my raincoat. The place overlooked also into the reservoir to the far right of the picture (not seen). 

Stopped by the tidal gates a bit to catch my breath. The ride there was quite smooth, if not for the lorries, trucks, large vehicles that ply the route. On my way back, I had to also maneuver carefully through the sideawalks which formed the main route back to Punggol. It was a long continuous sidewalk which took me off the main roads which were full of lorries and cement trucks that somehow didn't know they had a speed limit to follow.

Overall, a good afternoon leisurely ride, getting rid of some of the cobwebs in my mind.

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