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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Because I Am Human...

... because I am human, I am weak,
because I am weak, therefore I pray.

The above verses came from our retreat master, Fr Michael Casey, OCSO, a Trappist monk from Tarrawara Abbey, Melbourne (Australia). At my last entry, I mentioned we were on our Clergy Annual Retreat from 15 - 19 July. The theme was on prayer that had various aspects of 'faces' to discern and reflect.

Overall, the retreat was a fruitful one because it helped me regained my composure on my own prayer life and the various possibilities of growth and deepening of my relationship with God.
This brings to mind the verses from Sirach 2: 1ff where the reality of working for God is spelt out, and Micah 6: 8 with regards the real 'LAW' that is asked of us, as believers, to follow. It is only in prayer and with the reality of the faith before us (which we also carry), that will show us, like a mirror, just how much we are in line with the life of the Spirit or not.

I take this with me now as I conduct this weekend's Extended Recollection for the seminarians, inviting them to take this opportune moment to examine, once again, with even greater honesty and maturity how their calling to the priesthood is taking place today and if there are any necessary amendments to be made.

It is wet outside now as the weather has been rather rainy, with light drizzle as well. But the day, thus far, has been imbued with the sense of serenity and quietness which pervaded the Seminary bringing about a light hearted joyousness in my spirits. My thoughts and prayers also go to Fr Luke Fong as he begins his slow recovery from his bone marrow transplant operation.

Meantime, it is good, if you haven't already done so, to get into the practice of doing up a consistent prayer life so that you can realign to the truth of who we really are and what must we do bring about true freedom and healing from all the ailments that dissipate our fire for God.

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