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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mums Are Stars....

English: jkklglh
English: jkklglh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It has been a little over a month since my last entry....

Since today is Mother's Day, perhaps this is a good time as any to restart some writing and to wish all mothers, especially mine, A Happy Mother's Day!

Meantime, life here in the Seminary is slowly winding down towards our coming semester break where we close for two months, as the seminarians go for their 1-month pastoral followed by their other month for holiday.

For myself, even if the Seminary closes, my other work carries on, especially helping out with masses at parishes who had requested my assistance. There are also other responsibilities to look into with my  new role as SD for the Engage Encounter Weekend ministry.

Three people enjoy the summer sky over the Del...
Three people enjoy the summer sky over the Delaware river, NJ, USA during the Perseid meteor shower in August, 2006.The picture is probably a photomontage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Much of these have somehow eclipsed my other side hobby which now have been, literally, sittng at the sidelines: amateur astronomy. The night skies here at the Seminary are rather decent and dark enough and offer some spectacular sights through the scope, when it is not raining or cloudy. Most nights, I get tired and never found the impetus to set up the scope for some star gazing or looking out for Saturn and Jupiter, depending on the month. If I am not mistaken, Saturn is up in the night skies this time around, with the constellation, Scorpius. Watching these two items in the night sky is always a rewarding experience because they inform us of a wonderful and awesome power at work that keeps the entire universe and cosmos in order, making all our problems so, so minute and ridiculously insignificant.

It is not that I am unconcerned for the other realities that goes on around me, the trials, sufferings, pains and toils of each day. These will always frame my engagement of each day and I shall have to deal with them accordingly, to the best of my abilities, in being life-giving.

It is the wonderment and awe that never escape me whenever confronted with the bigger picture that stretches out into the vastness of space. It is the feeling that all we do and have on earth can fall away to the immense, and seemingly infinite, horizon of space and cosmos that is just a view of a telescope away! That can also be had with a decent binoculars as well.

Hmmm... looks like I may have to start to do something serious with my Takahashi and Celestron scopes that are now only sharing space in my dry box.

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