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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Jesus Discourses with His Disciples
Jesus Discourses with His Disciples (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The gospel passage for today's Mass reading is so stark about how we humans are so attuned to seeking, and predictable even, positions of power when given the chance. The apostles James and John are perfect examples of this type of attitude.

Assuming that they follow Jesus in that manner, they deserve special positions of honor and prestige. We too have many opportunities and occasions that can get us seeking positions of honor and prestige just because we 'work for God'.

Jesus had to teach the brothers and the rest of his disciples that to follow him is to be a servant (doulos, Greek), and obviously, servants don't go looking for rewards or recognition. Service, if it is to be true, is selfless. It is concerned with others' needs, not our own.
For most of us, in a materialistic society in Singapore, where being No. 1 and using indicators like wealth and status to measure the worth of a person, this service that Jesus taught his disciples can seemed rather irrelevant, outmoded and to be consign to an age that no longer exists. It is never going to be easy for us in the faith to go against the tide just like that. But that would be the first most important step to take when we are looking at the 10-year plan of the archdiocese and to bring that into fruition.
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