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Monday, June 11, 2012

June, June...

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This certainly is a fine situation here...

It has been almost a month since I have put up anything on this blog and the interval between one entry and the next has been erratic. I thought by my coming into the seminary and away from all the distractions that can be found in the parish, I could get some consistent writing done. But, so far that hasn't been the case. In fact, I have been compelled, more, to put aside this blog and procrastinate in doing up any entries here. Terrible...

I have let some important weeks past by, liturgical moments that carry significant impact in our lives, that it would be remiss of me not to just say a few short words that hopefully may capture their power and effect in our lives as Catholic Christians:

It is the Spirit! How sure are you that you are walking in and with the Spirit? Galatians 5 offer the template for all Christians to follow. When the Queen of England is in Buckingham Palace, the palace flies up their flags for all to see and know that she is around. What flags of the Spirit that we fly to show that we are in the Spirit if not that of love, peace, joy, ....

The most difficult homily to do as the subject matter is just to transcendent for life that is more grounded on earth and reality. Yet, we already move into this mystery when we make the sign of the cross at every Mass, a sign that proclaims, God the Father loves the world so much that He sends His only Son all the way down to us, so that we may be gathered in the Holy Spirit.

Corpus Christi
Much ink have been poured to speak of this mystery of Christ that its profoundness cannot still be captured or appreciated well in a lifetime. A more profound passage that will help us reflect even deeper is from Jeremiah 31: 31ff. Every time we are at Mass and receive communion, we are fulfilling Jeremiah's prophecy! Remember that passage well - Jer 31: 31.

Meanwhile, our Seminary's semester break is here! Since that means no classes and any other activities, I am looking forward to do the following:

a. an entry for my blog of at least once a week.
b. the use of one or both of my telescope to view the night sky more often, unless bad weather or clouds abound.
c. more occasions in the day to use the telescope to view the Sun with a solar filter.

Those above, of course, are on top of my other basic spiritual exercises/activities that has to go on regardless of weather or the GSS.
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