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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In A Semester Break

It's our semester break now and all the seminarians are away for their pastoral posting in the parishes except for the two seminarians in the Philosophy cycle who are attached to Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa's Home).

Chapel's New Crucifix
It is quite and peacful now with not much noise and the bustle of term life that I wonder if the environment here is like a 'cemetery'. Apart from the Fathers who are staying here, including myself, there are still the staff members who upkeep and maintain this place as life in the seminary continues, though at a slower pace.

Our chapel had gone through a small renovation that saw an addition of a crucifix just above the sanctuary. For the past 25+ years, the seminary chapel never had any big crucifix to call its own to adorn the sanctuary area. It had to use a standing or processional cross that was placed on a stand by the altar side. Now that we have a proper big crucifix, the chapel's sacred interior and environment is finally complete!

I wonder if we could get better with more vocation intake from now on?...

Meantime, there will be two milestones coming up for myself. One would be my years as a Catholic priest and the other would be as formator in this seminary. June 29 and October 1 would be those dates respectively. When I left this seminary after completing my studies and formation here some 9 years ago, I didn't figure to be back here again, least of all as a formator. Now I am coming full circle and I really don;t know if this gets any better or worse. But, as Christians and to be an authentic one at that - we walk by faith and not by sight (last weekend's 11th Sunday of Ordinary Times readings)!
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Laura said...

Dearest Fr Aloy,

Happy Feastday (today) and also your upcoming 9th anniversary on SPP Day. (Has it only been 9 years?? ... ;))

PS: By the way, are you aware there is a pamphlet distributed in the parishes - with various forms of prayer for vocation? I am "spoilt for choice"... haha.
IHM has recently adapted our vocation prayer from there for daily mass. ;) We are storming heaven daily for more priests & religious.

Hang in there, Padre. =)

Thank you for your 9 years of fruitful faithful service.

God be with you always!

*fral* said...

Hi Laura!

We, too, have 10 vocation prayers which we alternate at our masses :-D

Thanks for the best wishes of the day!

Anonymous said...

helooo Fr aloy..

belated feast day lah!!! sorry is yr patron saint St aloysius gonzaga or other st aloysius??


ihm parishioner

Young Minstrel said...

9?! really?! wow!!!!! hope the stars shine super bright for these two dates!!! X3


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