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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh, O!

English: Antienne O : " O Adonai"
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The countdown is slowly getting us to the Christmas event and during this week it is being rung, not by silver bells, but by the O Antiphons.

If you go to the link from Wikipedia, you will get the whole description on what we are encountering here. So, since the 17th of this month, we have seen Wisdom (Sapientia), Lord (Adonai), Root of Jesse (Radix Jesse), and today, it is Key of David (Clavis David). These are excellent items you can use for your Advent reflections as we get closer towards Christmas. If you don't also already know, these antiphons are embedded in a very fitting way in a hymn which you may have already sung it at Masses during this period, or perhaps last Sunday recently: O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

Being here in Kajang, everything seems to have slowed down. Unlike in Singapore, where everything seems rushed, I can now really feel time slowing down as I savour the seconds and minutes passing by. I don't have to worry much about the next appointment or activity to be done, as there are none here now. So, for now, it is a slow burn towards Christmas with the Antiphons.

Meantime, do keep in your prayers for Deacon David Arulanatham who was recently ordained to the diaconate in his parish in Klang (Malaysia). Deacon David finished his priestly formation recently this year in the SFX Major Seminary, Singapore and will be serving the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur in his parish at Klang. He is among the batch of Malaysians who are studying in the Singapore seminary and has now finished and moved on towards the priestly ministry. His priesty ordination is expected to be in mid-January next year! Praise be to God!
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Anonymous said...

hi Padre Ong

I'm glad that another priest is in the making. The problem with s'pore and many other countries.. is that we prefer to be served than serve. This is shown clearly even in the Holy Orders. While the no. of catholics are growing (infant and adults baptisms) by thousands each year, the increase in seminarians is very minimal. One possible reason is the abv.

The attractions and comforts of secular life makes one wondering going to seminary for next 5-10 years is worth a visit or not. On top of that, when u are ordained, you are ordained as a priest for life. and what next? posting to a medium size parish as asst parish priest to look after mayb 2k-4k parishioners as well as various ministries and church grps assigned by the parish priest.

Some of these thoughts that come into a seminarian mind may frighten them off....imagine taking care of a few thousand parishioners when one even can't really take care of himself well enough.

Having said that.. If one place his trust in God and the values and virtues of the Blessed Mother Mery, and trying his best to do the will of God and living a great sacremental life one will overcome all these obstacles..

God Bless Padre Ong
Blessed Christmas and many more years of happy priesthood!..

btw.. i'm not a priest or seminarian .. these are just my observations and talking to some priests and seminarians



Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Aloy!

A Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones!!
Do take care and God Bless! : )

Warm Regards,
Dominic (HF-Parishioner)

Joanne W said...

Hi Father!

I saw you today in St Francis! What a surprise! Wanted to go say hi but when I came out you had left...
Have a very Merry Christmas with your family!

God bless you always!

Unknown said...

@Joanne W: my apologies for not able to meet up with you after the Mass. You have a blessed Christmas season ahead!

To all, compliments of the Christmas season!...


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