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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kajang Advent

3rd Sunday of Advent
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Greetings from Kajang!

I am back with my parents and siblings in the quiet town of Kajang just outside of KL. I have also to contend with my nephews and nieces who see me once a year and always make friends more with my iPad than with me..

So far, it has been peaceful and not as hectic when I am in Singapore, which of course has a different surrounding to it all. Here, everything else is slowed down by a factor of 50, at least. That's because I don't go anywhere else nor find myself rushing for anything.

We are also on the second last leg of Advent and Christmas will soon be upon us. Before anyone knows it, another new year will begin and the cycle wil begin again. Will be the same as previous years? Have we done anything to sufficiently make us truly a newer and better person in God's eyes? Are we any closer to fulfilling our responsibility being persons who are sensitive to the presence of God in all things, in events, and in the seeming coincidences that occur in our lives and in our worlds, coincidences that point to the activities of God in our lives and in our world?

Not easy questions to answer. Yet, important ones that will certainly determine the kind of person we will turn out as we come face-to-face with the new year.
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