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Friday, November 25, 2011

Expectations - Ah, The Mystery of It All!

First Sunday of Advent
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It is a only a day away from this point of writing before we really hit the period of Advent. I seemed to have been given this dubious honor of starting this new day in the Church's liturgical calendar by having to celebrate a wedding in the morning followed by the weekend Masses, starting with the Sunset Mass, all tomorrow.

Advent is known as the season of waiting, anticipating and also about expectations. There is something special about expectations, when we are expecting someone or something. It has this air of excitement and mystery around it because you don't know what and how things will turn out. This is so unlike realisation. When we realised something, there is nothing else to consider anymore and we move on to the next.

So, what is or are your own expectations this Advent?

As for myself, I have to expect that:
a. I shall be chanting some parts of the Mass once we begin the 1st Sunday of Advent and I don't know how will all this turn out.

b. Parishioners of IHM, once they realise that I shall be their preacher for the weekend, would, themselves, be expecting a homily that may be substantially different from their usual ones which they would get through their priests of the parish. An unfortunate comparative situation but one that I always have to take in my stride whenever I go to any parish as a guest priest.

c. This Christmas hols, I shall be back with my family in Kajang.
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