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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

He Will Provide....

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I have let almost another month to lapse again before I start up on my blog entry again...

Much of the time have been used for more urgent items which figured quite a huge portion for this month. That included the exercise of assessing all of the 17 seminarians for their year end report to their respective bishops/superiors. That took almost two weeks of afternoons and the putting aside of many other work and activities in order to cater to the seminarians well-being and status in the seminary, where some of them were applying for the ministries of lectors and acolytes (all those applied were granted approval).

There were also some series of talks and recollections which I had to give or present the past week in the midst of the assessment exercise, which caused some flutter and running round as I had to find what little time I had to prepare for them and present them in a coherent and meaningful manner.

What I am looking forward now is the upcoming mid-term break where I don't have to worry too much about lectures and studies and just chill out or catch up with some other work which I have placed on the back burner for awhile.

At the last class I gave at SPI, last Wednesday, a verse from the Bible, Genesis 22: 14 to be exact, caught my attention and came to occupy the niches of my mind as an assurance that the power and presence of God constantly permeates the very life I engage in: He will provide. Thus far, I see no reason why He doesn't, for His activity and movement can be felt touching in many other people's life, especially those whom I am directing.

So, as we moved onwards to another close of a quarter and looking forward towards the final stretch of the semester before we close for the holidays, I am grateful for all the experiences that have taught me patience and to see God in everything and everything in God.
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Selena Foo said...

Thanks for the post... I am also looking forward to God providing me my next interesting mission on my journey into His heart!


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