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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Home

Alvin from The Spark had a hand in editing the making of the Home music video which is a Total Defence campaign for the country this year. Alvin is a parishioner of Holy Family parish where I was some years back (2003 - 2007) before leaving for studies in Rome. He is a talented media and graphic designer currently studying to improve his arts and is also helping out in the liturgical art decor for Holy Family.

The main Home music video is below

Having watched this video on the television recently, which is now being shown during prime time over the past week, it is poignant, soulful and speaks to the heart in so many ways that if you transpose to any other place that you would call home, it would still ring true.

Here are what some artistes have said about making this music video on the subject of Home:
It is the home with a capital 'H'!... It is not just a resting place for the body, but (also) the resting place for the spirit and our emotions... (Kit Chan)

...a reminder that this is the place to be, this is your home, this is where your loved ones are and this is where you are love most. (Shabir)

...Home is where you know you must be, you must be there. Whether it is friends, family or loved ones, you just know you have to be there. (Stefanie Sun)

Now, does this say to us something about the true home we are all called to be?....
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alvin mark said...

Hi Fr, do you want Admiral Adama's email? :o) How are things with your iPad? :oD

Unknown said...

He has email?! :-D

the iPad is moving along smoothly and always travel with me :-)


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