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Friday, December 24, 2010

Like Ice Cream and Peanut Butter...

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From Anon

hi fr aloy..

just my thoughts.. what do you think of our way of life in sinagpore? are we pursing recklessly? meaning excessive materialism, selfish culture, addictions of all kinds.. seems to be we are quite close but yet to this "culture of death"? than life.. look at it.. sinagpore seem to have all the ingredients of it.. high abortion rates, excessive materialism, quite high divorce rates.. etc..
While we may progress materially, our life esp morals is decaying day by day..
to me while economic growth is good.. but too much of it is bad enough yr thoughts?
blessed X'mas



We are on the threshold of Christmas and tomorrow (or in the night closer to midnight) we will be celebrating the wonder of God's gift onto the world and the birthday of Our Lord and Saviour.

In the midst of the preparations and the festivities that follow, there will always be that niggling thought like anonymous above which can have us pause a little to question the very nature of our being.

Perhaps the following may give us that pause or two. This was written in the heart of 'evil' itself in the early 1940s and during the Advent season, as the writer considered the actions of man in the grip of arrogant power:

"[We] have stood on this earth in false pathos, in false security; in our spiritual insanity we really believed we could, with the power of our own hand and arm, bring the stars down from heaven and kindle flames of eternity in the world. We believed that with our own forces we could avert the dangers and banish night, switch off and halt the internal quaking of the universe. We believed we could harness everything and fit it into a final order that would stand.

Here is the message of Advent: Faced with him who is the Last, the world will begin to shake. Only when we do not cling to false securities will our eyes be able to see this Last One and get to the bottom of things. Only then will we be able to guard our life from the frights and terrors into which God the Lord has let the world sink to teach us, so that we may awaken from sleep, as Paul says, and see that it is time to repent, time to change things..." (Rev Fr Alfred Delp, s.j.)

The Jesuit Rev. Alfred Delp wrote those words from his prison cell shortly before the Third Reich executed him for resistance to Hitler's regime. His words are still very prophetic today, for even if that regime is no longer in existent today, ironically, its very ideology and attitude is now prevalent like ice-cream and peanut butter.

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