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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Settling In...

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It has been 26 days here in the Seminary since I first came in fresh on the 1 October, and I must admit, it has been very refreshing and peaceful! :-)

It has certainly been a very big change from my previous posting in a parish where the dealings of the people/parishioners and the masses and sacramental duties took centrestage and, at times, demanded time and space that almost stretched my tolerance level.

Now, I am still slowly adjusting to the timing of the schedule, which includes prayer time at the chapel, meal times and recreation, among the other work and activities we do here in the seminary. There were times where I was left scratching my head as to what time was the next prayer in the chapel and have I missed it?!

The best part of being here, and to see the end of the year without having to exercise my portfolio fully just yet, is the relative ease and generous time I have on my hands to use as I see fit. Of course, one can be tempted to spend all this by going out and not spending more quality time with the seminarians or the regimented life style here. The temptation is always there. But, I am very acutely aware that my place here is one that is purposeful enough towards the well-being of the seminarians and this community that we all engage in and are part of.

I trust I can continue to be reliable and be able to keep to that trust as long as I am here as the Spiritual Director of the Seminary (well, soon-to-be).
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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the pool! :O) - alf

Playful Elena said...

Wow, sounds like enjoying in a resort. I also want. Glad to know that you are happy there. Set alarm for prayers lo so that don't have to use much brain to remember them(I am a lazy person to use much of my very limited capacity of brain). Sooner or later, it will become so part of you that you no longer need the reminders. Enjoy your journey with the people there. Will tempt you to go out with us when we are free.

With Love,

Young Minstrel said...

soon-to-be SFX Major Sem SD?!!!! CONGRAAAAAAAAAAATS!!!!!!


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