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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lenten New Year?...

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It is the third day of the Lunar New Year and the eve of Ash Wednesday.

This part of the week is certainly one of the incongruous period where customs and beliefs of two religions meet. While one invites to the enjoyment of food and festivities, the other persuades for the solemn abstinance and fast of revelry and grandiosity.

For those of us who are caught in between these two, especially in a multi-cultural environment and society, trying to remain neutral and saying that it isn't a problem can be very trying indeed. For one thing, we can't seem to make up our minds as to what we want to make out of having a Lunar New Year celebration in the midst of a Sunday mass celebration. I certainly am not complaining about the Lunar festivities that came along this week, and I am thankful for the many generous gifts received from the parishioners and well-wishers. But to let this sit side-by-side to the Christian way of life that speaks of moderation and asceticism can be very jarring.

Tomorrow would be even more pronounced with regards this incongruity. For now, it is best just to enjoy the moment and here's wishing to all out there who have sent me greetings and others who are enjoying the Lunar festivities - Happy Chinese New Year!
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Unknown said...

Jarring! That's perfect. I was thinking of my home land who keep lunar new year round about the same time. fast and feast - the initial is the same 'f' anyway.

Anonymous said...

I do find the similarities in the two events. They will lead to abundance though at different levels. Chinese New Year leads us to abundance in material wants with all the Ang Baos and food and gifts while the Ash Wednesday requires us to fast and abstain which will lead to abundance in our spiritual lives. These two events also give us the opportunities to get away from our daily busyness to set time aside and spend time with our brothers and sisters

They allow us to strike a balance. Chinese New Year allows us to be busy celebrating the occasion with joy with our loved ones while the solemn Ash Wednesday allows us to tone down and have quiet time with God as the focus.

Happy Chinese New Year to you. May you be blessed with abundance in both Chinese New Year and Ash Wednesday!! :)

With Love,
God's child


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