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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Up to Speed...

Alright, I am catching up on the past week of inactivity and to come up to speed over the days where we are already in full swing into the year 2010.

1. That is about 2 years away from the 'impending disaster-end-of-the-world' event - if you believe that nonsense....

2. This year marks the time in April when the catechumens from the RCIA journey of the parish of IHM will make their life-changing decision as to whether they want to approach the waters of baptism. I spent the last weekend with them at a retreat in the Majodi center, together with Fr Joseph Tan. The retreat master was Bro Collin Tan from the La Salle brothers (at St Pat's). Sis Susan Thomas, fmm. joined in the  fun too! In all, everything went well and the catechumens were greatly touched by the graces and presence of God that profoundly marked the occasion.

3. I begin teaching again in the Seminary with an additional course to my schedule, taking my presence in there up one notch. My teaching days now are on every Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Thankfully I don't start my Tuesday and Friday classes, i.e. on Salvation History, till the second quarter, i.e. late March. This gives me a little more time and breathing space to further do up my new course for the Monday classes. I managed to survive my teaching ordeal last Monday with 9 seminarians on the topic of Mystical Theology. Just barely!

4. Oh, I have found an old friend (always wondered what she gotten herself up to after Reuters...)  and her family, whose doctor-husband (Leslie) operates a fascinating food blog. So, next time I want a GP or a friendly tip on which great places to go and get a  good bite, I know where to look!

5. We are in Ordinary times in the Church's liturgical calendar... I need to do up an article for this weekend's bulletin. I haven't figured out what to write on yet and I am getting desperate! (update, 1.10pm - managed to do up that article!)
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