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Monday, December 21, 2009

O Antiphons - Clavis

Advent 3 - Saturday - 20 DecemberImage by mtgf93 via Flickr
Isaiah 22:22: "I will place the key of the House of David on his shoulder. When he opens, no one shall shut; when he shuts, no one shall open."
The key and scepter are traditional symbols of kingly power and authority. Christ, the anointed one, is the heir of David and possessor of the kingdom. Jesus himself also made use of this symbol, showing the prophetic relationship of the earthly kingdom of David to the kingdom of God.  All power and authority was given to him after the resurrection, and he entrusted this power to "bind and to loose" to Peter and the ministers of his church. (Jeanne Kun)

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Unknown said...

These keys look like one of the parish priests'.

Unknown said...

By the way, have a nice Christmas. I shall have a White Christmas.

Young Minstrel said...

what's "Clavis"?

Unknown said...

clavis - Latin for 'key'

Young Minstrel said...

oooh..heehee X3


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