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Monday, August 17, 2009


Pew View Again...Image by Annoysius via Flickr

Catching up on what has gone down the past week...

- managed through 5 lessons already in my Salvation History Class, with the 6th one tomorrow! Now I am down to 4 students, since one left. I don't know if my teaching style scared him off or bored him to tears... :-D

- slowly getting into the rhythm of life in the parish and the people of Immaculate Heart of Mary has been very generous, espcially in providing for our meals, where we never will go through the day hungry.

- work here besides my teaching stint at the Seminary is never lacking. Several funerals, weekend preachings, some counseling, retreats to do for the groups and daily mass celebrations makes life here a little bit more challenging...

- I still have problems with remembering names and with age catching up, it makes matters worse when I sometimes get into a situation where I cannot seem to remember what I did the day before... :-P
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Unknown said...

Hhahahha Father you not the only one cant remember too..good luck and have a blessed day through your teaching, retreat, mass, celebration and in everything..

Petey said...

Did you manage to catch the 501st Legion at the Singapore Games, Toys and Comics Convention over the weekend? =) Good stuff all round!

Unknown said...

@calvb - thanks!

@petey - missed the STGCC! :-P

ylo said...

Hey, try this and post a pic here!


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