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Monday, July 20, 2009


The night view of Kajang town from Bukit MewahImage via Wikipedia

I am off for a short break in Malaysia visiting my parents, siblings and nephews and nieces over at Kajang, while savouring the local treats there and being away from the bustle of parish work for a week. This is a needed real time-off after my return from Rome and into a more stressless situation where I can enjoy a relaxing experience akin to watching the sun set. :-)

In the meantime, during my stay here at IHM, I managed to get a new line and a handphone to go with it. I earlier had that done online through Starhub but underwent many silly and unnecessary difficulties with it that in the end, I finally drop that order and went to do it personally through the service centers over at Heartland Mall instead. But I was so disappointed with Starhub and the way things turned out that I deliberately went over to Singtel to get my line and handphone instead. Not that Singtel was the perfect telco but I felt that Starhub could do better with dealing in my online order which had me jumping through many hoops like a circus animal and not getting anything done properly in the end. Part of the problem was the information concerning registered address (on my IC) and the delivery address which I gave as at IHM.

The registered address was still at Holy Family, Katong and I did not make any changes yet since I came into IHM. My stay here is still uncertain and I was in loath to make changes to my IC for the time being. When they insisted (for security reasons), I had to go to the NPC to make the necessary changes. Due to a change in the ruling for making changes in IC, which took effect this year, I had to endure another merry-go-round before I could get things done. But, in the end, it was still all for naught. You know the end story and I am now a Singtel customer. I give the online sales system of Starhub, in this instance, an F for faiiilll.

Which brings me to this very fascinating principle of life which functions heavily in any business enterprise: I don't trust you!

If there is such trust, we would not be going around signing things on any documents, rubber stamping our lives away and seeking paper assurances that we will fulfil our part of the bargain for any product, be it an item(s) or service(s) we purchased. Furthermore in order to be efficient or productive, checks are also in place to ensure that order, and not chaos, reigns. Also, in wanting to keep customers within their grasp a little longer, the telcos always lock their customers in a phone plan that obliges them to remain in their system for at least 2 years. In business sense, these are all legitimate and natural. However, all these can also create a certain sense of obstacle or psychological barrier that puts people (like myself in this case) off in having to bear with such 'nonsense'.

This is the price we pay in being super efficient, I guess.

However, it is the trust issue that is the crux of the matter here. This would be entirely different with our relationship with God. Here we are not dealing with a thing or a service. We are dealing with our Father who delivers what He promises, albeit in His own time. He doesn't impose or forces himself upon us by locking us into any 'plan'. Instead He gives us the freedom to experience all the possibilities that life offers for us to make up our own minds about what we want to do with them.

If we usually fail to trust ourselves and each other in our lives we see unfolding before us, it would be a good time now to begin to learn how to trust in God first and from there be able to see how we can translate that to a better way of handling trust in real life.
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Anonymous said...

Wishing a great trip n wonderful holiday. Enjoy yourself n have fun!
From Raymond n Joanne.

hehbre said...

BUONA VACANZA!!! My greatings to your parents, your dear and near ones.

ylo said...

They're just being careful/kiasu/kiasee, and afraid you'll buy their phone and SIM and detonate a bomb somewhere in Singapore. That's why they need to know where you live so that they can find you (if they can still find you, for obvious reasons), and that's even if you had told them you have sworn allegience to the Christian God (mind you, the Christian God!), they still will not want to take the risk. Maybe cos they think you're equally likely to be a fanatic, whichever God you have sworn your allegience to. You're being deemed as part of the "high risk group". Make sense? :P


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