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Saturday, June 27, 2009


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Finally reached Singapore soil safely and in one piece after a 12-hour flight from Rome! I almost wanted to do a JPII ground greeting (i.e. kissing the tarmac of the airstrip) on the landing bridge but refrained myself just in time :-D

As for what's coming up next, more will be known by this Monday after my meeting with the Archbishop. I am just so glad to be back now!...
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Terence said...

Welcome back Father,
will you be going for Fr John Sim's Silver Jubilee this tuesday? If you are, can catch up with you there.
God Bless

Mocha said...

Welcome home, Fr! Did you really miss the weather here???!!! Hahaha...

Church-going in Singapore has taken on a new dimension but it's for the better. We went for Sunset Mass this evening and had to have our temperature taken at the door before a sticker was pasted on our shirt. Everything was done in an orderly manner and everyone was co-operative.

Whatever can be said about Singaporeans but resilience & co-operation are definitely part of our virtues!

Once again, welcome home to a land of laska, otah, mee pok tah & Chinese rice! :0)

Aloysius said...

@terence: not sure yet. will know by Mon what my schedule is...

@mocha: thanks for the welcome back! sure good to touch S'pore soil! :-D

ylo said...

Welcome, welcome! Enjoying the weather here yet? Yes, same old sucky weather as when you left 2 years ago. Nothing about it has changed, just that it has prolly gotten hotter after 2 years!

When you flew in this morning, did you see the Sg Flyer? Or too dark to see anything? Or you didn't fly in from where you can see the flyer?

hehbre said...

Congrats Aloy! It's always great to be back home. Sei Contento? Sicuramente... vero?
I'm also started settling down and getting along with the people of this White city-Mattinata(see Jingpharia).Wishing you all the best for your future asignments, and remember us who are still here in Italia.

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME! Hope that you will have a good rest before starting "work"! See you around in one of the parishes! - Olivia

Chris Ng said...

Welcome back to sunny Singapore! And Happy Anniversary! Here's wishing you many, many, many more years of blessed ministry...

olga said...

Welcome home FrAl, i feel like doing 'the JPII' even when I come back after a weekend away! So I can imagine your self restraint.If I were you(after 2 whole years) dont think i would have been able to hold back, heck care with what anyone thinks. Errrm, or then again maybe not.

PS: earlier welcome home post on 23jun was incase I couldnt get online again. computer was acting up.

frjl said...

Dear Loy,

Happy 6th Priestly Anniversary! Still the 29th here. Hope you had a memorable day. Remembered and prayed for ya. God Bless Always.

Just me,

Young Minstrel said...

i also would "kiss the soil" after touch-down from WYD..long, tiring, lots-to-think-about journey. Somehow "homesoil" gives me comfort and relief from "everything-away-from-home"

(Japanese: welcome home)


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