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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slight Alteration

There were some feedback on the previous new template which I had installed earlier on this blog which made me redo the template and hence this newer one. Hopefully this one is a more stable and conducive one to look at! :-D

The Practicing Catholic mentioned something interesting which has also been bugging me for quite a while, but for a different reason. Ascension Thursday has come and gone and in Singapore, it has been celebrated on Thursday which gives a fitting ring to the flow of the liturgical life of the celebration as it coincided with the 40 days after Easter. This is because it would make celebrating Pentecost 10 days later on a Sunday following that all the more striking. Practicing was disappointed that they, in her place, celebrated Ascension on a Sunday after Thursday instead. This is similar in Rome where Ascension has been celebrated on Sunday for, oh, donkey years already.

There are many reasons why Ascension is not celebrated on Thursday in Rome, one of which is that you probably would not get anyone going for it. This is a place where most are Catholics but in name only. In Singapore, however, that it is continued to be celebrated on Thursday, and also a day of obligation, has been quite a feat for the faithful to take time off from work or other chores of the day to attend the Mass celebration. This has raised calls, on several occasions, by some priests to have this celebration to be done on Sunday instead. So far, the Bishops Conference of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei have kept it to Thursday. :-)

So, I am in twos-and-threes as to which would be a better way or day to celebrate this occasion. Perhaps, it depends on the culture and place where all this unfolds. While the option is given between these two days, culture and the the bishops' conferences will decide the final vote.

(pic - "The Ascension of Christ" by Garofalo)

update1 - commenting had some problems. I managed to resolve it and it ought to work now. I apologise if that was a bit of a bummer for some earlier.

update2 - did another slight 'esthetic' rearrangement to the items at the right bar to accomodate a 'Featured Video'. I had wanted to have that item earlier but could not find a suitable slot for it. Since I managed to change the way 'Categories' to display its result, I could add the video now. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

@youngminstrel: a problem with commenting :-P managed to resolve it. thanks for pointing it out. :-D

Young Minstrel said...

yaaaay!!! floodfloodfloodflood XD really like this arrangement: got 'outstanding' profile, instead of the usual "almost unknown left side"..if only there's a Prince of Tennis blogskin like that but..then again..i duno how to edit skins..heehee

Unknown said...

did a springcleaned to my astro site too to make it more interesting to 'gaze' at... ;-)


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