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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost Up!

Signs that my time of stay here is almost up:

a. summer is coming back and the days are getting longer.
b. hordes of tourists in and around town.
c. buses getting packed and crowded all day (see b).
d. my thesis is done.
e. I received a formal letter from the Collegio (cc'ed to me actually) informing me that my scholarship will end as soon as I finish my course in June and to leave by end of June.
f. The new listing for the students who are coming into the Collegio for the new academic year is up on the notice board (no one from Singapore this time round...)

But I am not complaining! I shall be glad to leave this place as soon as I am finish and done with what I have to do here. I have also managed to book a ticket online through Singapore Airlines which gets me back to Singapore soil on the early morning of Sat, 27th June ;-)

For now, just bidding my time and savoring my last few months of stay here...


mumbley said...

Good for you! :)

Unknown said...

When you have booked your tickets, nothing more can be done. Yor are right, no complains.

Young Minstrel said...



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